6 de janeiro de 2009

Ela disse no seu mypsace (nao me apeteceu procurar) que continua com a dj lésbica.

Mas o que me fez rir foi um comentário dum sujeito:

Please, Lindsay. It's only a matter of time, sweetie. No matter how much R&D funding you donate to strap on research, it can't change the fact that Samantha Ronson will never have an actual penis. Because penises are your thing. If one day you're watching the news and the anchor says some dude in NYC was discovered with a whale dick that shoots out vodka and Red Bull, you can go ahead and assume that a genie is telling Lindsay Lohan that she has two wishes left.

1 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

A Lindsay continua com a dj lésbica porque ela dá-lhe música...


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